Why have I been logged out of SmartEncrypt?

Why have I been logged out of SmartEncrypt?

In order to protect your encrypted files, the SmartEncrypt software regularly verifies whether or not you are authorised to access your files against the remote server.  If you are disconnected from the internet for an extended period, the software is no longer able to complete the re-verification process and the current session is terminated.
This precaution ensures encrypted files are protected in the event a device is left unattended for any reason. When you are logged out of the software, local copies of encryption keys are removed, so files cannot be accessed until you are logged in again.

Manual login

If you use your email address and a password to log in, simply click on the Close button to dismiss the SmartEncrypt Login Expired notification dialog and enter your username (email address) and password as you usually would.

SSO login

For SSO users, click on the Login button to automatically log in using your previously configured company credentials

Good to know...
  1. When you leave your device so that it goes into sleep mode, it loses connection to the internet, which will cause your session to time out.
  2. Reauthenticating refreshes your access to any encryption keys assigned to you

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