Why are there different keys for the same location in SharePoint Online?

Why are there different keys for the same location in SharePoint Online?

In SharePoint Online, encrypted files are depicted by the key name in additional column.  In some cases, you may notice that the same location has files encrypted with different keys.  There are reason why this may occur.

1. The encryption key was renamed in the Management Console after the encryption rule was created. 
When this happens, existing files will display the original key name until such time that they are updated.  New or modiled files will display the key with its new name. This has no impact on encryption rule functionality, or who can access the file as the key remains unchanged, it is only the name that chanes whic servers as a descriptor only.

2. The location does not have an encryption rule in place, so no forced re-encryption of files
When an encrytion rule is deleted via the Management Console, files in the location that are already encrypted remain encrypted until they are decrypted manually. When there is no encryption rule in place, any encrypted files added to the location will remain encrypted with their original key rather than re-encrypted to align with encryption rules.

3. The encryption key does not exist in the system so the file cannot be re-encrypted with the correct key
When a file iencrypted with key A, is uploaded to a location governed by an encryption rule using key B, the default behaviour is to re-encrypt the file with key B in accordance with the encryption rule. However, if the encryption key A no longer exists, this process cannot occur as the file cannot be decrypted with key A before being re-encrypted with key B per the encryption rule. 
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