Using SmartEncrypt with MYOB PDF Manager

Using SmartEncrypt with MYOB PDF Manager

MYOB PDF Manager uses a licence file on a network to track instances of the software used in real-time.  Due to the way in which SmartEncrypt third-party libraries work, SmartEncrypt installation on Windows machines causes a slight change in behaviour, which prevents PDF Manager from launching.
To resolve this issue, there are a number of registry updates that need to be applied to the SmartEncrypt 

To add MYOB PDF Manager support:
  1. Ensure the device is running the latest version of the SmartEncrypt desktop client for Windows
  2. Download the zip file attached to this article and extract
  3. Exit the SmartEncrypt software
  4. Run the extracted registry file on affected machines to apply the required registry updates
  5. Restart the SmartEncrypt software

Good to know...
  1. Version 1.7.1212 or later of the SmartEncrypt desktop client for Windows is required 
  2. For best results, ensure that the SmartEncrypt software is not running applying registry updates

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