Using Offline Access to access files without an Internet connection

Using Offline Access to access files without an Internet connection

To ensure sure you are authorised to access files on your device, the SmartEncrypt software regularly performs encryption policy and user authorisation verification checks against the SmartEncrypt remote server.  For this reason, an internet connection is required both when you first log in and while you are using the software to access encrypted files.

Offline Access enables you to work with encrypted files when you don't have an Internet connection. Instead, you use a  preconfigured PIN that will allow you to log in and continue working on your files when you are offline.

Important! You must configure your Offline Access PIN before you go offline.

To set up your Offline Access:

1. Right-click the SmartEncrypt icon in the taskbar or System Tray, and select Offline Access.

Note: Your menu may appear differently, depending on your level of access. If you cannot see the Offline Access option, it has not been enabled by your Administrator.

2. When the Offline Access window launches, enter a PIN and click Submit

3. If your PIN is created successfully, the client will download and cache your encryption policy containing Encryption Rules and keys and then encrypt it using the PIN you created. 

4. For protection, Offline Access will expire from the time it is configured on your device after the period as configured by your Administrator. This is to prevent access to files in cases of device loss or theft. You will be notified how long you have before your PIN (and with it, your Offline Access) expires when you set your PIN. Once expired, you will be required to re-authenticate your client while connected to the Internet.

5. When you next log in to the SmartEncrypt client within the configured Offline Access timeframe, use your PIN instead of your password

IMPORTANT!  Your Offline Access PIN will require resetting if you happen to exit the software and login again while connected to the internet. Always set your PIN for Offline Access as the last thing you do before exiting the software if you need to work with encrypted files while offline.

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