User Management - Adding and editing users

User Management - Adding and editing users

SmartEncrypt users can be added either on an individual basis or imported in bulk using the supplied .csv template.

Adding a new user

To add a new individual user:
  1. In the Management Console, navigate to Users and Groups >> User Management
  2. Check that you have enough User Licences available
  3. Click the Add a new user button

  4. Choose the User Type
    1. System Administrator - Full access to the Management Console
    2. General Administrator - As per System Administrator, but unable to delete encryption keys, download key backups or edit/create other admin users
    3. Standard User - SmartEncrypt desktop client user. No access to Management Console.
    4. Helpdesk User - as per Standard User, but with read-only access to the Management Console
  5. Complete the remaining form fields (all fields are mandatory)
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address (this will also be the User's username for login purposes)
    4. Groups - Users will be assigned to the Everybody group by default. It is recommended that you leave this option checked unless the User has special access requirements
  6. Once complete, click the SAVE button
  7. The user will receive an email notifying them of their new user account with instructions on how to login
Note: Only System Administrators can create other users with a System Administrator or General Administrator User Type  

Importing users in bulk

CSV File Import

Users can also be imported in bulk if you have a large number of users to add.  The advantage of importing users in bulk is the ability to assign groups and Encryption Keys automatically during the encryption process.

To access CSV import, click on the Bulk user import button on the Users and Groups >> User Management page in the Management Console as shown.

  1. Ensure the CSV Import tab is active.
  2. Download the .csv template.
  3. Add your users to the template. Available fields include:
    1. User's Full Name
    2. Email Adress
    3. Group name(s) if applicable  - Users will be added to the default Everybody group automatically, there is no need to specify this group here. Multiple groups should be separated by commas
    4. Role - must be spelt correctly. If left blank, the Standard User role will be applied. 
    5. Encryption Key - must refer to existing keys as new keys will not be created.  Not required if user is to inherit keys from groups to which they are assigned, (eg The Primary Key is assigned to the Everybody group by default)
  4. Select from the following additional options: Choose whether or not to send a Users an email notification:
    1. Notify users about their account - Sends a temporary username and password. Avoid sending this to SSO users only to avoid any confusion;
    2. Send Azure AD SSO configuration in email - Sends an email containing information on how to the SmartEncrypt client for Azure AD Single Sign-on.
  5. Once complete, upload the file, click the IMPORT button and wait for the file to be processed. Any errors will be reported once the import has completed.

Good to know...
  1. You can add groups not yet created in the Console and they will be created automatically on import. 
  2. The import process will automatically skip the first row of the uploaded file. Ensure the first row of your file is either left blank or contains field titles/sample data only.
  3. Any duplicate records will be ignored.
  4. Leave Groups, Keys and Role fields blank for the system defaults to be applied.

Editing a user

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