Known Issues & Limitations - Windows

Known Issues & Limitations - Windows

Known Issues

Microsoft Office

  1. Encrypted Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files not opening in desktop  app from SharePoint Online or Teams
    When attempting to open an encrypted Microsoft Word or Powerpoint via the desktop app from SharePoint Online via a web browser, or from within the Teams app, users encounter an error message saying that the file has unreadable content and cannot be opened, regardless of whether or not they have the encryption key.  In this case, users should first sync files to OneDrive and access them from the synced location.

  2. Inconsistent behaviour when opening shared encrypted Office files from OneDrive for Business
     When sharing an encrypted MS Word file from OneDrive, the recipient is unable to open the file when using the desktop app, even if they have the key. For Excel and PowerPoint files, the recipient is able to open the files but they become decrypted and are unable to be re-encrypted. 

  3. Encrypted files with the same name but in different OneDrive locations may not behave as expected when opened using the desktop app
    In some cases, for files synced to OneDrive, when a user attempts to open a synced MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint file from SharePoint Online via the desktop app AND a file with the same name exists in a separate synced location, the alternate file may be opened instead of the one intended. Users should consider working from the synced location rather than opening the files from SharePoint online. This same behaviour anomaly can also occur to files synced to OneDrive and opened in the desktop app from Microsoft Teams.


  1. Zip files cause "double encryption" 
    When extracting a zip archive containing encrypted files to a location governed by an encryption rule, the extracted files will be encrypted a second time in accordance with the encryption rule. It is recommended that users avoid extracting files known to contain encrypted files into a location where an encryption rule is in place. Files with double-encryption can be decrypted by first moving them to a location where there are no encryption rules in place, and manually decrypting them. They can then be moved back to the intended location as used as normal where they will be automatically encrypted again in accordance with the encryption rule.



  1. SmartEncrypt overlay Icons are not visible in OneDrive
    Problem: SmartEncrypt overlay icons do not appear on encrypted files or folders when browsing files in OneDrive in the icon, content or list views. 
    Workaround: Browse OneDrive using the details view - an additional “SmartEncrypt” status column has been implemented in this view to display the SmartEncrypt icon.  When encrypted files/folders are moved to another location outside OneDrive, the SmartEncrypt overlay icon will appear automatically, regardless of folder viewing mode. 
    Note: The SmartEncrypt icon is not visible for encrypted Online-only files (blue cloud status icon), files must be available on the local device to view the encryption status.

  2. Moving or copying Online-only files in OneDrive to a rule-based location does not encrypt the file
    When performing drag and drop or copy/cut and paste operations on a file with Online-only availability from one location in One to another location governed by an encryption rule, the file does `not adopt the encryption rule. This is because the file remains in the cloud and there is no interaction with the SmartEncrypt software to trigger the encryption process
    Workaround: Ensure files are first made available on the local device before attempting to move to enable the encryption process to be triggered.

  3. Some office files in OneDrive are decrypted when opened, but not re-encrypted when closed
    Problem: SmartEncrypt is not compatible with OfficeSync for OneDrive and causes encrypted files in OneDrive that are not governed by encryption rules to decrypt on open, and remain decrypted when closed, even if the file has not been modified.
    Workaround: Disable the Use Office applications to sync Office files that I open checkbox. Note that this limitation is applicable to individually encrypted files only, files governed by encryption rules are not affected. Learn more about Office sync

Citrix ShareFile

  1. Citrix Files for Windows decrypts files added to the ShareFile drive
    There are 2 desktop clients available for use with Citrix FileShare - Citrix Files and Citrix Sync. SmartEncrypt is not compatible with Citrix Files.  This is due to the virtual mounted drive that is created by the Citrix Files client. Encryption Rules have no effect and encrypted files added to the Citrix shared drive will be decrypted if the user has the correct encryption key.
    Workaround: Consider using the Citrix Sync client, which creates a folder instead of a mapped drive. SmartEncrypt file encryption behaves as expected with the Citrix Sync client.

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