Installing and configuring SmartEncrypt for SharePoint Online

Installing and configuring SmartEncrypt for SharePoint Online

SmartEncrypt for SharePoint Online is a SharePoint app that acts as a "virtul client", enabling administrators to navigate to a SharePoint Online document document library and encrypt the contents, which in turn creates and uploads a corresponding encryption rule in the Management Console, ensuring that any new files added to the location will also be automatically encrypted. 

1. Install the SmartEncrypt for SharePoint app into your SharePoint tenant

  1. Download the SmartEncrypt for SharePoint Online app from the SmartEncrypt Management Console

  2.  Following the instructions as set out in the "Add custom apps" section of, upload the SmartEncrypt SharePoint to the Apps site. 

    Note: When reviewing the Enable app panel, ensure that you select the Enable this app and add it to all sites option before  clicking Enable app,  as shown below.

2.       Set up application permissions

2.1.   Register file processing backend service in tenant organization

  1. Navigate to: https://<your_tenant>
  2. Complete the configuration fields exactly as shown:

Client Id:             bb6dd474-aa9f-4251-a8a4-4973d7d7da10

Client Secret:     TyJLFwHgkYXPpd6UAsA0OQoJ874Jxigu8EZ3msOqiN4=

Title:                     SmartEncryptForSharePoint 

App Domain:

Redirect URI:

You MUST use the Client Id or Client Secret values as provided, DO NOT generate a Client Id or Client Secret using the buttons on the form

2.2.   Grant application permissions

  1. Navigate to https://<your_tenant> (note that this is a different URL to that used in step 2.1)
  2. Once the page has loaded, enter the Client ID from step 2.1  in the App Id field and click Lookup
  3. Check that the Title, App Domain and Redirect URL fields have correctly populated with the values from step 2.1
  4. Enter the following permission XML to the App's Permission Request XML field

    <AppPermissionRequests AllowAppOnlyPolicy="true">

      <AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="Manage" />


  5. Click Create, then click Trust It  on the permission consent dialog when prompted

  6. Your SmartEncrypt for SharePoint Online app is now ready to go

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